Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Area of Coverage

The transaction and delivery will be effected exclusively on the following terms of use in the version that is valid at the time of the order. Terms of use from the customer, which are contrary to or differ from the following terms of use do not apply. The following terms of use are also exclusively valid if we unconditionally carry out the delivery and service despite being aware of conditions from the customer that are contrary to or differ from the following terms of use.

§ 2 Contracting Party, Language, Applicable Law

The contractual party is the company peter dahlenburg LIVING, Martinistrasse 23, 20251 Hamburg. Contract language is German. German law shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on International Sale of Goods.

§ 3 Conclusion of Contract

When you place an order through our online shop, it will be treated as a binding contractual offer to us. After completion of your order, we will send you an e-mail which serves as confirmation of order and as invoice for your purchase with peter dahlenburg LIVING. This order confirmation includes all details concerning your order (inter alia ordered products, prices, delivery and payment conditions). From the moment of receipt of your confirmation of order you accept the order with peter dahlenburg LIVING. The purchase agreement thereby comes into effect.

We reserve the right to reject the purchase agreement up until 24 hours after sending the confirmation e-mail. This can be the case if the ordered products are out of stock or surpass normal household quantities.

§ 4 Agreement on Costs of Returns, Right of Withdrawal and Exemption

Agreement on Cost-Bearing Obligations:

If you make use of your right of withdrawal, you must bear the regular costs of the reshipment.

Cancellation Policy

Right of Withdrawal:

You can revoke your declaration of agreement within 14 days, without indication of reasons, in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail) or – if the item has been delivered before the deadline – by reshipping the item. The deadline begins after the receipt of these instructions in writing, but not before the recipient has received the item.

Cancellation Consequences:

In the event of a valid revocation of this agreement each party shall return to the respective other party the services or products received and, if applicable, utilized usages (e.g. interest) shall be returned. Should you be entirely or partly unable to return to us the services o products received, or only able to return them in a deteriorated state, you are liable to pay according compensation. This does not apply with respect to goods being handed over in the event that such deterioration is exclusively due to your inspecting the items as you would have been able to do in a retail shop. You may also avoid an obligation for compensation payments if you do not take possession of the item as if you were the owner and if you refrain from doing anything that might adversely affect the value of the item.


We ask you to return the product preferably in its original packaging or at least in appropriate transport packaging to the following address:
peter dahlenburg LIVING
Martinistrasse 23
20251 Hamburg

Exemptions to the Right of Withdrawal:

The right to withdrawal for distance contracts does not apply to the shipment of goods that have been custom-made or are clearly tailored to the customer’s personal needs or which, by reason of their quality, are not suited for reshipment.

§ 5 Delivery

Unless agreed upon differently, the delivery is carried out from the warehouse to the address provided by the customer. On our website, you will find information on the stock availability of individual products. It should be noted that all information on availability, shipment and delivery of a product is merely estimated information and an approximate value. It does not represent binding or guaranteed shipment or delivery dates, except if the delivery options of a particular product explicitly specify a binding date. In the event that during the processing of your order determines that products you have ordered are not available, you will be separately informed per e-mail. In the event that, through no fault of its own, is unable to deliver the ordered goods, because the’s distributor does not fulfill their contractual obligations, is entitled to rescind the contract with the customer. In this case, the customer will immediately be informed that the ordered product is not available. The legal entitlements of the customer remain intact. In the event that a delivery to the customer is not possible because the customer cannot be reached at the address provided, the customer carries the costs for the unsuccessful delivery.

§ 6 Renewal and Payment, Delay

The payment of the ordered products can take place in different ways:

– Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express)
Please enter your credit card details in the purchase order form. Our system ensures secure transmission of data.

– PayPal
PayPal is an especially for online purchases developed payment method. It is easy, fast and secure. In order to use it you have to create an account on that will work like an online banking account. You can then enjoy safe and easy shopping in most online shops without having to enter your credit card or banking details every time.

– Credit Transfer
You can also pay the amount due mentioned in the order confirmation by credit transfer. You will find our bank account details in the order confirmation.

If you choose to pay with credit card or credit transfer, peter dahlenburg LIVING will not commence production or shipment of the products ordered before your credit card company has authorised the use of your credit card for payment of the ordered products or before the transfer has appeared on the bank account of peter dahlenburg LIVING.

The invoice and the ordered products will be delivered to the address indicated in the confirmation of order.

§ 7 Price

All prices shall contain the respective applicable Value Added Tax. Delivery costs will be indicated separately. If, in the course of delivery, export or import taxes are due, these are charged to the customer.

§ 8 Reservation of Proprietary Rights

peter dahlenburg LIVING retains title of ownership to the delivered merchandise until the purchase price and any shipping costs have been paid in full. The contractual partner renounces any right to offset.

§ 9 Liability for defects

In the event of a defect product, statutory provisions apply. The assignment of the customer’s claims is ruled out. If the subsequent performance takes place during the compensation delivery, the customer is obligated to return the initially delivered goods within 10 days.

The reshipment of the defect goods must take place according to statutory provisions. reserves the right to assert compensation for damages according to the conditions regulated by law. The statutory period of limitations is two years, counted from the date of delivery.

Moreover, is liable for the negligent breach of essential aspects, the breach of which endangers attaining the purpose of the contract, or for the breach of obligations whose implementation allows for the proper execution of the contract and the adherence to which you depend on. In this case, is only liable for damages that are foreseeable and typical for this type of contract. is not liable for the negligent breach of obligations that are not mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. The above-mentioned limitations of liability are not applicable for damage to life, body or health, for defects arising after the acceptance of a guarantee for the quality of the product and for willfully concealed defects. The liability according to the product liability law remains unaffected.

To the extent that’s liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and auxiliary persons.

§ 10 Processing and Use of Our Customer’s Personal Information

We save, process and use the personal data you provide on the order form, in order to execute the order. We give some of this information to the contracted shipping companies for the execution of the order. On written request, you will receive, free of charge, a list of the data we have saved regarding your person. We will adjust any incorrectly saved data upon your written request. As far as you comply with a utilization of your personal data that is not already legal, you can revoke this compliance at any given time.

§ 11 Force Majeure

In the event that we are prevented from fulfilling our obligations due to a force majeure or other circumstances beyond our control, we assume no liability. If cases of force majeure or other circumstances beyond our control lead to a delay, we will fulfil our obligations as soon as it reasonably possibly under the circumstance.

§ 12 Copyright

All elements (images, texts or other) on the website remain intellectual property of peter dahlenburg LIVING. Links to these homepages are permitted. The copy or the reproduction of parts of this website for other purposes (including the copy of product descriptions, use of text passages from the FAQ etc.) is prohibited, unless peter dahlenburg LIVING has approved it in writing beforehand.