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FALL I WINTER 2023 I 2024

Placemats and napkis : Article No. HA 1968-18 and HA 1967-18 Placemat / napkin with stitching, 100% linen, nature beige napkin ring: Article No. HA 23193-41 napkin ring, onesize , gold
bread basket in the middle of the table : Article No. HA 23209-18 bread basket round knit, H20 Ø10, beige
Cushion front right: Article No. HA 23185-50 cushion, linen, grey edge, 50cm x 50cm, greige
Lantern, in the back: Article No. HA 23207-18 lantern WAVE, 100% cotton, 19x19cm – beige

From top to bottom:

Cushion : Article No. HA 23202-49 Cushion WAVE, Merino quality , 30cm x 50cm, ecru-beige-grau melange Cushion : Article No. HA 22169-2 Cushion TIDE, rechts links Mix, 50cm x 50cm, ecru Cuhsion : Article No. HA-1818-18 Cushion with stitching linen, 50cm x 50cm, beige-nature Cushion : Article No. HA 23198-2 Cushion DUNE, Merino quality, 60cm x 60cm, ecru

                                                                         Cushion WAVE, merino-quality from left to right:                                                                               Cushion : Article No. HA 1643-07,  50cm x 50cm, anthra-melange
Cushion : Article No. HA 1950-49,  40cm x 60cm, ecru-beige-grey melange Cushion : Article No. HA 23202-49,  30cm x 50cm, ecru-beige-grey melange Cushion : Article No. HA 1950-07,  50cm x 50cm, anthra-melange